I Don’t Fuck With Eula Biss

Eula Biss says

when they hang my body by my neck

it will be just like witnessing the hanging of a telephone phone

i live in the country

a quad // a place // a plantation // a rememory // i cannot walk through

without recognizing all the trees

oak, strong, steady when i found my rope

my blood dripping initiates cell service

can strengthen wi-fi

can create such a connection

i’m on three-way with God

when they hang my body by my neck

college professors will introduce me to eula biss’s

stillborn wokeness: a metaphor

her half black cousin

mexico and margaritas

her mother and her fully black men

there’s always a fully black man

they say she is the future // the epitome

of innovation

of placebo pity

of nonfiction

of doing too much

of girl, hush

of white woman

that soft

white woman

phone sex operator voice

that scary

white woman

doing anything

that smile

on a white woman

when she is writing me down // whiting me out

making me about her

notes from oblivion only half finished

notes from a reach

notes from someplace other than genuinely

sat on my bedside for over a year

never tucked it in

never turned its last page

marked up a lot of pages and said


where is maggie nelson when you need her

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