Artist Feature: Anna-Marie Tan

Anna-Marie Tan is a photographer based in Chicago. Much of her work involves self-portraiture and obvious digital manipulation, her use of self-portraiture enabling complete creative control of a piece from start to finish. Many of her larger projects do go on to include other models, but the first draft of an idea nearly always is created with her as the subject to test the outcome and process. While smaller projects do tend to consist completely of self-portraits, which allows them to take on an extra layer of depth and self-contemplation. Projects range from advertisements to pop-culture parodies, but all are linked by the same attention to detail and presence of post-production manipulations. Her work can be seen displayed at Columbia College Chicago's student spaces as well as in Paros, Greece at the Hellenic International Studies in the Arts digital photo building, you can also catch up with her on Instagram @tantastically.

#photography #chicago #annamarietan #digital #selfportrait #popculture

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