Zach Bartz: Found Art and Improvisation

Zach Bartz is a painter, performer, and producer in Chicago. He paints on found or recycled materials in order to relinquish himself from the pressure to make "fine art" and to take risks he may otherwise avoid while using expensive materials like oil and canvas. By using found objects, he can also challenge the context of certain images, colors, and patterns to make new discoveries. Zach mostly paints faces, which can be traced back to his life in theater; it also gives him a constant starting off point so he can focus less on what he is going to make, and more on what he can take away from what he is making. By keeping the content the same, he is able to focus on technique, materials, and discovery instead of spending time deciding what to create. He makes one to three paintings a day often live painting at comedy shows and music festivals. His work can be seen publicly in Illinois, Idaho, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma, as well as being held in hundreds of personal collections around the world. He updates his Instagram daily with new work which you can find @ImZachBartz.

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