Issue 1

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Kara Machowski - Wet Sunlight / Silver Fox

Harlee Logan Kelly - meditation 1 / meditation 2 / night of the hunter, riverboat scene

William Montes - My Dead Brothers Grave / Remembering Phil Part I / Remembering Phil Part II

Doe Parker - from the good house & the bad house

Meg Caldwell - everything good happens in threes//

Saku Egon Evon - HVOROST

Che'la McClain - February 24

Joshua Virtue - A Letter from Mgmt. 

Tina Weingroff - PG-13 / When You See Someone You've Slept With When You're Walking to Class Should You Say Hi?

 Edward Patrick Huycke - Listen to the Man: a self portrait


J.C. Bostrom - Moira Sucks on Pennies

Nicholas Nalepka - Going to Have a Good Day Today

Ashlyn Wheeler - The Woods

Giovanni Perry - Sugar Lee

Chelsea Harris - This Is How These Stories Go

Luke Schwartz - Not Beating, Waltzing


Melaina K. de La Cruz - Rewind

Nicholas Ryan Abel - On the Nature of Matter of In the Middle of Things

Taylor St. Onge - Canaries Sing So You Don't Die; If You Don't Have a Canary You Should Look Out for Yourself

Sophie Amado - Need a Ride? 

Kendra Allen - The Cheapest Casket